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New York based agency dedicated to helping brands penetrate the U.S. and European markets. We deliver success - from strategy to execution.

The Company

SGN is the market leader for established and emerging European fashion, cosmetics and jewelry brands looking to enhance their U.S. presence. The group has also become the “go-to” firm for top American companies looking to expand their business in Europe.

Based in New York City, the firm manages all business requirements for brands with great market potential. With extensive industry knowledge and experience, SGN offers an established launching pad for designers, companies and institutions alike.


We are experts in critical areas of business, including sales, product development, merchandising, strategy & distribution.


Our team has over 20 years of experience in providing business solutions for various industries and consumer markets.


We are a network leader with key working relationships throughout the markets and all areas of business.

Business Analysis.

Before entering a market, we evaluate our client's business viability by performing a comprehensive market analysis.

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The Team

Based out of our New York office, our talented team has a combined 20+ years experience, which covers all areas of business, including operations and accounting, retail management, wholesale management, market development, and more. Learn more about our executives:

Team Roster

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Position - Coordinator

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Position - Coordinator

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Position - Coordinator

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Position - Coordinator

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Position - Coordinator

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Position - Coordinator

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Position - Coordinator

Retail Management

From pre-opening analysis to day-to-day management, we manage the complete retail operation.

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Our Partners

Our extensive network is one of SGNgroup's critical assets, and a vital part of our business offering.  We have brought together key strategic and operational partners to provide our clients with a comprehensive business solution, all accessible from a single point of contact.

Strategic Partners



Representing some of the most influential companies in the Spanish-American business community, the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce promotes trade, investment and competitiveness.


Marvin Traub

Marvin Traub Associates is a global business development and strategy consulting firm, focused on working with brands, retailers, developers and related businesses that operate in the upscale retail and consumer goods sector.


Doneger Group

The Doneger Group is the global leader in creative, merchandising and business strategies for the retail, fashion and related industries.

Operational Partners



creativeTHINK is a "left-brain meets right-brain" marketing consulting company, specializing in market strategy, online/digital marketing, social marketing, as well as creative and design.



As a global logistics provider, Mainfreight offers managed warehousing and international and domestic freight forwarding.  With team and branches across Australia, China, Europe, New Zealand and the United States Mainfreight continues to expand its global footprint.


REX Communications

REX Communications is a small agency specialized in public relations, communications and marketing of luxury goods.


Statco Warehouse

Statco Warehouse Company Incorporated, located one mile from New York City, is a facility with over 600,000 square feet of pick and pack space.They ship to all department, discount, specialty, and retail stores, domestic and export.


Ivan Gittardi

Ivan Gittardi CPA LLC is a professional accounting, financial and tax consultant firm specialized in the administrative management of Italian business in the United States.



Stellae serves the national and international markets from a U.S. based headquarters and satellites in Europe. Their highly automated system supports on-demand reporting, with 100% transparency and accountability.


Arrufat Garcia

Arrufat Gracia PLLC is a general practice law firm comprised of attorneys fluent in English and Spanish who are admitted to practice law in New York. The firm offers Intellectual Property, Immigration, Corporate, Litigation, Real Estate and International Law services.

Wholesale & Brand Management

We provide our clients with omni-channel opportunities, placing their products in the right doors and showrooms.

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Job Opportunities

We are always looking for great talent with experience in the different business areas we offer. If you want to be part of a dynamic team that work with beautiful brands on exciting projects, we'd love to hear from you!

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Operations Management

Considered best-in-class for the fashion and cosmetic industries, we service all areas of operations.

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