Photo Credit - © Sears


The SHOWCASE by SEARS is an innovative concept that was developed by SGN to provide a different shopping experience for American consumers by showcasing a unique group of international brands in a modern retail environment. These are internationally relevant but with a limited presence in the U.S. Through the SHOWCASE we provide the consumers with unique finds and the presenting brands with an excellent market exposure opportunity.

SGN has single handedly brought over 20 brands to feature in the SHOWCASE, from different parts of the world like the UK, France, Mexico, Italy & Spain. Mango, Hawes & Curtis, Punt Roma, 3 Pommes, Fiorella Rubino, LMental, and Ilusion & Fiorentina are among the featured brands. Currently the SHOWCASE is available in 5 SEARS locations in New York & New Jersey. SGN is also responsible for managing the retail and supply chain operations for all SHOWCASE brands.